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Group Therapy

The Skills Building Group Provides An Opportunity to Learn and Practice Important Life and Social Skills

In order to learn and become proficient with new skills it requires practice.  The skills building groups offer a valuable opportunity to learn and practice social skills in a safe, neurodiverse-friendly environment.  We provide a safe space for you and your peers to develop confidence in yourself and your social skills. The skills building group addresses three key areas: managing stress and anxiety, enhancing social skills and communication, and promoting self-advocacy. Our ultimate goal is to enhance your life, empower you for success, and nurture self-confidence!

Build Your Social Confidence with Your Neurodiverse Peers

We understand that one of the main concerns individuals on the autism spectrum have is building and maintaining friendships. My group focuses on teaching and practicing social skills in a neurodiverse-friendly environment.

Some of the Skills You Will Learn in Group Therapy Include:

  • Strategies and the confidence to initiate conversations

  • Understanding non-verbal communication, social norms, and social cues

  • Managing your desire “info dump” or overshare

  • Improving listening skills

  • Expressing empathy and validation to build rapport

  • Conflict resolution skills 

Learn Coping Strategies to Manage Your Stress and Anxiety

Managing stress and anxiety can be challenging for individuals for many people.  However, it can be more challenging for individuals on the autism spectrum, and social anxieties.  In these groups, we will provide you with practical strategies to navigate the things that may trigger anxiety and help you feel more at ease.

Some of the Coping Strategies You Will Learn Include:

  • Managing stress and anxiety in your day-to-day life and social situations,

  • Understanding your emotions and the triggers that make you feel uneasy.

  • Coping with too much sensory stimulation.

  • Practicing mindful techniques to pause and regain control of your emotions.

  • Developing strategies for healthier ways of expressing emotions.

Improve Your Self-Advocacy Skills

One of the most important things I hope you will gain from group therapy is the ability to be your own best advocate. By learning how to communicate your needs to others, you can increase your self-confidence. This will empower you to face any challenges that may come your way, knowing that you have the skills to handle them.

Some of the Self-Advocacy Skills You Will Learn Include:

  • Recognizing your strengths and challenges

  • Setting goals for yourself

  • Identifying other autism resources

  • Understanding your rights in the workplace, learning environment, and within relationships 

  • Learning how to ask for accommodations and support

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